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Im Magazin der Design-Marke &Tradition beschreibt Els Van Hoorebeeck, wie in Zeiten der Corona-Folgen Arbeits- und Privaträume einander bedingen und auch befruchten können. Die Trennung mache kaum Sinn und Freude, es gehe um Harmonie und Austarieren. Ein Mantra lautet: "Make a shared space feel like home." Wir lesen:

Els Van Hoorebeeck, Head of Design bei &Tradition
Els Van Hoorebeeck, Head of Design bei &Tradition

"With Covid-19 changing the way we work and relax, we wonder how professional and private spaces will function in the future." Und weiter: "At &Tradition, the majority of our collection can work in a residential as well as a contract environment due to the warm atmosphere the various pieces create,” Els explains. “With all spaces currently feeling sterile, and with so much distance being created, we want to add the opposite again – to create a feeling of togetherness. Creating harmony between home and office will be essential for future working, making a home feel more professional whilst making our office spaces even more inviting.” An anderer Stelle: “Having a home office nowadays is mostly seen as a luxury. It almost has a status hanging above it: when you have a home office, you have a very important job (or you are an independent). People tend to live in much smaller spaces, especially in big cities, where having a home office just isn’t a priority,” Els continues, “until Covid-19 came and all of a sudden their living rooms, kitchens and even bedrooms were forced into becoming office space.
But what does this mean for the future of the private home, and ..."
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